Monday, November 22, 2010

My mom is getting older and there are problems

My mom is getting older and she feels that she is very much still with it. I have noticed that her hearing is going and so is her memory, but it tends to be everyone else's problem but hers... we didn't tell her or we don't speak loud (or clear) enough... or we just never told her at all.

But now there is an issue that seems to be slowly getting worse. My son is a big teddy bear and loves his grandma. He tries to give her a hug and she hits him or scratches him, saying he is going to hit her.

He has called me several times, telling me he is afraid of her. She tells me that he hits her and scratches her. If he hit her, she would have bruises or marks. It's almost like she is imaging what is happening.

This is taking it's toll on my son, as myself. I can't say anything to her, as she gets mad because it is me taking my son's side. I shouldn't have to play referee, nor should I be afraid to live a 13 year old with my mom.

I don't know what to do anymore! I want to cry. My son is having enough problems that this is just making it worse.

Any ideas? Anyone?
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