Saturday, December 31, 2011

What cha think?

Found these wine charms.

Just wondering what you think.

Let me know....


The holidays are not my favorite. My mind doesn't stop spinning. I get caught in a hurricane of emotions, of questions, of "what ifs".

I don't know why it happens, but I'm sure it has something to do with the "down" time over this time. No work, no school, time to think, wonder, and (literally) drive myself crazy with thoughts.

This pic is my Kitty.  I call her my "old lady". She's 10, about 6-lbs, and can make a 75-lb retreiver kneal.

She is laying here with me, snoozing. But occasionally snuggles up and gives me kisses.

Animals are great. They give unconditional love. They listen,. They snuggle. They care. They are true, real, genuine.

Today is the end...

Its hard to believe today is the last day of 2011. I am kinda glad - its been a long rollercoaster year, which is finally coming to an end.

I will happily close the chapters of 2011 and start a new book on 2012.

I am home, have done my grocery shopping, and am planning to spend my evening in the company of my teen.

Looking forward to a new year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Had to rotate year-end files

Stressed. When it doesn't require manual labor, breaking a sweat, or breaking a nail.... people offer to help. I know because today I was it (and far from impressed to be honest).

I has to move boxes, empty file cabinets, fill boxes, move them to storage, restructure the files for 2012... before doing my regular job.

Three guys in my department - no one offered to help move anything. Three other females in our depth - none offered to help.

My back is sore and Im sure it'll hurt tomorrow!

Not a good day. So not happy with the "working together" theory.


Feeling Beachie 12.30.11

This week’s statements:

1. Lately, I have been feeling a little_not in the holiday spirit_

2. I am usually a ­­­­_happy person_

3. _Kicking back in my pj's with my kitties_is always the best feeling at the end of the day

4. _Feed the cats_is the first thing I do in the morning


Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am an animal lover...

I opened my email server this morning and one of the headlines was that a cat was euthanized since the owner couldn't pay the bill to have him treated.

That type of story sets my heart and mind into a spin. I cannot believe that we let that happen. I also get teary-eyed when I see the ASPCA commercials. (oh yea, gotta turn them off, can't watch, too sad... would adopt them all!)

I would (if I could) be one of those nut-case old ladies who live with dozens of animals and treat them as my children.

If people can't take care of their animals, abuse and neglect are not the way to do it. Animals are just as much of a responsibility as kids.

You have them - they are yours - you are responsible.

(okay, thank you for listening to my morning vent... it's just that this news story really ruffled my feathers!)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bloggy Mom Blog Dare 2011 Prompts

Wednesday December 28, 2011 - How I want to spend New Years Eve

Well, I know how I would like to spend my New Year's Eve... and I know how I will end up spending it.

I would love to go out somewhere fancy, with someone terrific, hanging out and enjoying the time. And then finding a special way to ring in the new year. I will, on the other hand, be home, with my son, watching movies and eating shrimp in cocktail sauce. I will fight to keep my eyes open until midnight, when we will channel-surf and watch the ball drop (on many channels) and then go to bed.

Whoooo Hoooooo! Happy New Year... **yawn**

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bloggy Moms December 2011 Blog Dare

Tuesday December 27, 2011's Prompt...
So far, the most popular gift is...

Right now, I think it's a tie... between the electric griddle I bought my son, so he can cook his regular breakfast spreads (he LOVES to cook) and the new digital camera I bought him (he knows more about his camera in 2 days than I have learned in almost 2 years).

I think it turned out to be a good Christmas, after all.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

The holidays are over *kinda*

Christmas is over... I hope the food is done... my days off are over... this year is almost over...
I cannot believe 2011 is just a week from being over. Wow... time went by so fast.
I don't care if we eat dinner tonight... we have been eating for 2 days... enough is enough.
I go back to work tomorrow... although I haven't gotten out of my pajamas at all today... it's been comfy.
We did not have a white Christmas... in fact, it was green and in the 40's. Yeah, well, that's life.
The good thing is that I got to work on my blogs...
Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas today

Today is Christmas. I went a little over with what I bought my son, but hrs appreciates it because he knows I don't have a lot of money.

I bought him an electric griddle because he loves to cook... and I am happy. He loves to fix night breakfasts and make desserts,  so I will give him the tools.

I also got him a new digital camera (his previous ones have been my hand-me-downs). He has been playing with all the features.

He didn't get much,but he appreciates what he did get. He has showed everyone and has thanked me many times. Appreciation means more than anything for something like this.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feeling Beachie Friday


This week’s statements:

1. I have a love hate relationship with_my bathroom scale... and my clothes..._

2. I have been buying a lot of _magazines__ lately

3. If I hear _someone complaining about no snow_ anymore I swear I will _go nuts!!_

4. Whenever I see_pictures from my vacation_ makes me _smile and laugh_ and then I _really miss my "sister" who lives across the US from me._

Christmas Eve Day 12.24.11

Here I sit, in Wisconsin, the morning of Christmas Eve day. There is no snow. The grass is still green, gas prices have jumped to $3.29/gallon, and we are at the end of December. I know the weather reports kept saying we are going to have a nasty winter... which is apparently true for everyone AROUND us. I guess I won't complain. It has been a while since we have had a green Christmas, especially in a region known for shovels, plows, snow blowers, and parka coats.

Anyway... here I sit, in the livingroom, watching cartoons. Today is going to be slow to start - nothing major. Just have to finish the cheese ball for tonight and then we spend time with family. Tomorrow is Christmas morning and we have to go to church because my son has to help with the service, so either we get up and moving really early and open gifts, or they wait until after church. I guess we will see where that leads.

I want to just wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and all the best for the new, upcoming 2012. I also want to thank all my new followers, as I forge a new trail into the land of the blogs, Thank you for all your support and comments. You have all helped me to continue on this journey.

Best wishes to each and every one of you.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas shopping

Finished my shopping today.

I am sensing some jealousy over gifts this year. My child is impatient and kinda nosey. Oh well. I have had to take precautionary measures. Two of which have caused a little tension. Oh well, suck it up. Not everyone gets everything they want. And sometimes patience is a virtue. Just try to explain that to a 14 year old boy at Christmas!

It is gonna be a long day & a half till Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blog Dare - December 2011 - 12.21.11

Wednesday  December 21, 2011 
"Why I wait until the last minute to buy gifts..."
I always do. I never know what to buy anyone... and I am usually so busy that it's not high on what needs to be done. I do better as a "power shopper" than a regular shopper. Needless to say I worked retail in the mall for 4 years... I cringe at the thought of going to the mall, especially at the Christmas season. I do get my shopping done... just not the same as everyone else...

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Being decorative... and in fashion


Are you ready to start the new year, with a new look?  I know I am and one of my new year's resolutions has been (for many years) to be more organized... but it just doesn't seem to happen.

But look what I found while checking the ads... (I'm an office-supply junkie... sorry).

But maybe... check out this cool rolling file cabinet. What is easier than being able to "roll" your stuff around with you? I guess that's my big thing. I might be in my room, or in the livingroom, or even in the kitchen, but my papers are never with me. I guess this might solve the problem.

This decorative file cabinet had a storage drawer on the top. The file drawer has hanging file folder rods for letter-size files (which is really all I use). The top is both decorative and can be used for additional storage. This unit had 5 casters and is lightweight and durable. I found it ready to assemble and all the fasteners are hidden.

What could be better than an organizational cabinet that you can keep handy, when you need it?

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Cats know when you need to relax

I have had a rough day. I've been stressed. I've been watching my phone, watching foe a message. I don't know how to sit still or relax.

Except tonight. I laid down on the bed, TV on, phone in hand. Enter my cat... stage right. He crawls up under my arm and lays across my chest, tucked into my neck, under my chin. Kinda like a 36" nose to tail furry mink still, that purrs. I sure can't see the TV through him... nor can I operate my phone with him laying here. So I am at his mercy. He the tilts his head upward, against my face, staring at me upside down, and purring. Awwwww.

Okay, guess I will relax... but only for a little bit.

You know you're a mother when... (mama kat's prompts)

I have found that since I became a mom... over 14 years ago... I don't sleep. Little noises wake me up. My pattern of getting a full-night's rest is totally screwed! I have gained some additional patience, but for the most part, that is off-set by the lack of sleep and the increasing number of family meals. I am very protective of my child and would go to the ends of the earth for him. I guess, when you become a mom, you suddenly realize that you are their protector and no one (NO ONE) is gonna hurt that child... All your instincts starts becoming more in-tune and you know when something isn't right.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Is Christmas over yet?

I am stressed and broke.

What is going on? Why do I feel like this? The holidays are so hard. I can't wait until this is over.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Yes, Christmas Eve is one week away.

Yes, today is the day I started shopping.

Have I mentioned how not into Christmas I am?

I guess, I don't mind it, but its so commercial. Its no longer about family... its about shopping.

I love the older Christmas music... provided they wait until the first week in December to start it... not before Thanksgiving!!!

My mom calls me Grinch.  Oh well.... WHATEVER!!!!!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cyber Bullying

During the past few days, I have been on a "mama rage" about cyber bullying. Well, it has finally come to a close, I hope. What kids, or offenders of any type, do not realize is that once you use the social network to harass people, it becomes a crime of sorts (federal jurisdiction I believe).

The child that started the group tried to deny it, but that was as far as it got. The school got his mom involved, and then the police. Mom grounded him from his computer and pretty much life in general, for quite a while. The kid named another person with administrative rights on the group (I guess he wasn't stupid - he figured if he would go down, it wouldn't be alone). Anyway. he then went down his friend list, found mutual friends of him and my son, and invited them to join this group. (Mind you, it was marked as a "private" group - tells you something else huh?)

Okay, so it all started rolling down hill... first the school, then the parent, then the police. The child that "created the group" was fined $200 by the local police. Each child that was put on the invitation list (whether they knew about it or not) were cited $150. I guess it's time to take responsibility for their actions.

If the parent wasn't mad enough about the situation, I'm sure the fine will push them over the edge.
Is friendship really worth getting a ticket for that much money?
May those kids learn a lesson from this and may each person realize that being "cool" isn't always the best way to be.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok, laying here watching TV.

I hear a strange noise... no clue... not familiar... but very strange... I turn around and see our old lady (she's almost 11), sitting on her fleece blanket, with her long legs stretched, as she was chewing on her toe nails. CHEWING ON HER TOE NAILS?!?!?!


But them again, she is the "dainty" 5# horse that tears through the house, draws blood from her brothers, thinks she needs to eat every three hours, and suffers with allergies along side me.

Anyway... chewing her nails? Not sure if it's actually chewing or just cleaning...

One of our kittens chew on his. Literally, he lays there and chews them off... in my bed... you can hear the crunching.

Okay, so what is up with cats????

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Wine... White? Red?

Source: Uploaded via by Tere on Pinterest

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a day....

I had a mtg at school to help my son with his learning teams. We discussed his cyber-bullying (the offender got in trouble, lost computer privileges and other stuff).

Then, we discussed the eating habits and body image. Oh lord, that was a tough one! Gramma feeds and buys all the comfort food and then complains about his weight.

Its a long, involved story and battle we have been fighting.

I think we addressed it. I'm not the enemy... we can do it. I love my son and want to see him succeed!!

I definitely need to go yo bed.  I'm exhausted!

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What Not To Wear

I am channel-surfing, which is what happens after Law & Order SVU ends on Tuesday. If there is nothing between here and there, I end up at What Not To Wear. I enjoy this show, but it's people like me who can find more in common than anyone would think.

I work a decent job , but my clothes suck! I would love to be able to dress nice...  too bad my money goes to bills and my son... not clothes... or anything for myself!

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Monday Listicle 12.12.11

1. What is your favorite word? CONUNDRUM and SNARFY

2. What is your least favorite word? Uhhhhhhh

3. What turns you on? A fabulous deep-voiced accent

4. What turns you off? People who just think they are "all that" and aren't

5. What sound do you love? Rain and Thunder

6. What sound do you hate? The dentist drill

7. What is your favorite curse word? "FOOPY POOPY" (*better than saying the real word that begins with an F - when I get really upset!)

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Artist

9. What profession would you not like to do? Dentist

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? Hey, thanks for coming, but ya know, you aren't scheduled for another 40 years or so.

Thank You...

I want to tell everyone Thank You for your support as this week started out in the matter of spin from Hell!

I appreciate the fact that you were here for me and listened to my rant, even if you quietly figured I was just losing my mind (trust me, I don't blame you!).

I just wanted to say Thank You again... and again... and again...

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Growing up, my least favorite meal was...

Growing up, my least favorite meal had to be stuffed peppers. Nothing is worse than soggy bell peppers, filled with meat. I guess the meat wasn't so bad, but the peppers... they left a lot to be desired. Soggy green peppers? Ick!
No wonder kids don't eat them cooked... too many of us ate them soggy and faded growing up.

It's Monday morning and I am still coming off the weekend.

This weekend was a zoo. Friday I worked late, came home, made homemade pizza, did homework and watched a little tv. Saturday morning I got up, we went to a Christmas breakfast, and then I had to go help with our Sunday School Christmas Pageant practice... so we had 30+ kids running through the area, trying to sing, find their costumes, and learn their lines. By the time I helped fold costumes and clean up the lunch remnants, I went home and decided to take a nap, but first, I had to find that the cats knocked over our lamp and broke it, along with the screen on my son's cell phone. I went to bed, pulled the covers over my head, and said "GO AWAY!" I slept 2 hours, but that was useless. My son and I then went to visit a good friend for an hour and then we came home and had dinner. I did more homework and that was the end of me. Yesterday, I woke up early, had to be to church early, to open the doors and prep for the service. I then had to help with coffee hour, the christmas pageant, confirmation class... and the new problem of cyber-bullying on facebook, of my son. So, I was sending emails, along with running like a chicken with my head cut off. By the time I got home, I had such a headache. I send emails out and hit my facebook parents with a post, asking them to make sure their children aren't victims... or being the bullies. My brain hurt. I took another nap, with the cats. I did a little homework, but I preferred to have a meltdown instead. I cried and got angry. I am trying to be a good single mom, I am trying to protect my son, I am trying to go to school, I am trying to be supportive, I am trying to work hard, but I feel like I'm failing at everything. Melting down was definitely what I did. Then this morning I got up, came to work and then the phones quit working and the school already called me to handle the bullying... since it is internet-based, they are involving the police officer on campus. As I have told so many, this mama bear can be patient, but when she gets mad - watch out. And when anyone (at all) messes with my baby bear, there will be hell to pay. I am not a mama that gets mad - I get even... and I have claws...I am sooooooo ready to crawl back under the covers and call it a week... because tonight when I get home, I have to take a final exam for school. SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I have made my name known.  The school is aware. I have sent a message out to all adults on my Facebook as a sign to stop this.

I just want the world to know that bullying is not acceptable!!!

Stop Cyber Bullying - My child is a victim!!!

Spread the word...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday memories

Flipping thru the channels. Came upon Rudolph,  the classic. Burl Ives singing the song.

Have to watch. Love the memories.

Lost my day in '93. We had an album of Burl Ives.  My dad was a dead ringer for him. Looked like his twin.

I hear Burl Ives sing... and think about my dad and our memories.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

What to do?

How do you know what you were meant to do?

How do you know what your true calling is?

How do you know when you need to look elsewhere?

How do you know when God has other plans for you?

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I am tired

I hate coming into work after a rough night of sleep. I have felt like hell all week, with the weather changing every time you go outside. I am exhausted. When my mind doesn't shut off, it's hard to get sleep. I already don't sleep well, so when my mind is busy, I don't sleep. I don't know how to turn it off. Most of it keeps running due to work. I get so frustrated. I love my job, but why do I seem to be the only one who loses sleep at night because of it? Is it because I am one of those obsessive freaks who need everything to be just right? I don't know, but I feel like the walking dead today. My stomach hurts and I feel nauseous  from lack of sleep. I just want to go back to bed... and sleep for a week (yeah, right). I hate feeling this way!!!!!

Feeling Beachie - Week 40 12.09.11


This week’s statements:

1. When I _???__ I feel that _???__ paid off

2. I just realized that_I lose sleep over the stupidest things___

3. My ___stress____ comes from ___inside____.

4. If I had __money___, I would __stay home with my son and work____.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If you're gonna be a team player....

I am going back for my bachelors degree and we rely on others. We have a final due.

Last week everyone was all in.

Today I find you dropped out.

Helloooo. Information we need.


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"If your pet could talk, what would you want to know?"

All I want to know is WHY??????

Why... do you feel you need to eat breakfast at 4 o'clock in the morning?

Why... do you need to drink out of the bathroom sink, when you have a water dish?

Why... do you assume that if anything is laying still, it belongs to you?

Why... are all empty boxes considered yours?

Why... do you insist on teasing the fish?

Why... do you think that you are obligated to get some of any can of tuna that is opened?

Why... do you feel you need to sleep in the middle of the king size bed, under the pillows?

Why... do you need to be in the bathroom when someone is in there?

All I want to know is... WHY???????

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