Saturday, February 9, 2013

10 items in my purse

1. Reading glasses (yup, old eyes)
2. Contact drops
3. My ipod.... At least I know where to find it
4. Business cards for my Tastefully Simple business
5. My wallet... But no money....
6. A spare set of keys... Yep, been known to lock myself out of my car... Too bad my spare keys were inside....
7. Prescription meds... Need those anxiety meds
8. My calendar
9. My cell phone
10. Miscellaneous stuff
And more....

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

somedays it just isn't worth it

Today was ok. Except... My son wanted to go swim, but he couldn't shovel snow before I got up. He didn't want to eat at home but eating at subway, on my dime, was more appealing. And then I went grocery shopping, where I bought mire than I needed to because everyone else had the grocery list... My son gets obsessive and always asks "what's wrong" or "what's the matter".... It drives me nuts!!! NOTHING IS WRONG!!! And I can't get my answers right. I give him a short answer and he asks more questions. If I give him a long answer, I get in trouble because I didn't need to say all that. If I don't answer, he gets mad, if he ask ne a question while I'm eating, he gets mad if I answer with food in my mouth. Ya know, sometimes it doesn't pay to argue, or in this case, answer. And then, after swumming, taking him out to eat, then grocery shopping, he wants to go to the mall to shop... Betcha he doesn't have any money.... And neither do I.

Today has been a long morning already.

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