Friday, August 24, 2012

my son... my shadow... my chattered

I love my child, but he does not understand the theory of "personal space".
He follows me around the house, he chatters (almost nonstop at times), he talks to himself, he narrates, to me, everything he does, etc.
He is very sweet, caring, and kind~hearted, but there are moments when I just want a personal bubble with a one mile radius!
I love him... Just asking for a silent personal bubble of even an hour!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Scrambled eggs
Chopped broccoli
Chicken breast
Sliced grape tomato
Feta cheese...


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

living up to commitments

It people are going to commit to something, why can't they follow through? And then, try to find a replacement two days before, when the schedule has been out for 2 months!!!! Drives me nuts!!!!! Aarrgghh!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I am a mom, I am a woman, I am a daughter, I am a friend, I am an employee, I am a business woman, I am a sister, and I am me.

That pretty much sums it up.

I am a single mom who loves my teenage son. He makes me think and keeps me in check. He challenges my sanity and pushes my patience, but I love him. He is my best friend, but can be my worst enemy some days.

I am a woman who loves to dress up, yet I love sweats and t-shirts. I want to find happiness, but it is not at the top of my list. I have trusted and been hurt. I have loved and lost. I want to be loved for who I am and what I can do, but that will come when the time is right.

I am a daughter. My dad passed away almost 20 years ago and I still miss him every day. I was his only child, the baby of the family, and the only girl. I was definitely daddy's girl. I knew mom would say No, so I always asked dad. My mom has two other children, my brothers, who are considerably older than me. I have also lost one of those brothers, roughly 3 years ago, to a sudden downturn in his health, and he left our lives in ten days. My brothers have families, so I was the only one home with mom and dad. To this day, we live with my mom and I help her. She is getting up in years and not always in the best health. I try to take care of her and look after her. My brother, on the other hand, can't seem to find time to check in, even since he lives less than fifteen minutes away. Anyways... that's another story.

I am a friend. I have a few really good friends who I am really close to, but I also have other friends that I keep in touch with. I don't have friends that I necessarily go out with, but I do have a couple I hang with, just having girls days and relaxing.

I am an employee. I work full-time and give my all during my day. I have made the commitment to work hard and do what I need to do. I enjoy working. I also work part-time, at a local wine bar. I love the people and learning new things. It's the fun in my chores.

I am a business woman. I recently started as a consultant for Tastefully Simple. The people are great and I get to get out. I love the food and the products, and I hope to some day be able to take my son to Disney, just the two of us... a REAL vacation. (what a concept).

I am a sister. As I mentioned earlier, I have two older brothers and have always been the baby of the family. They used to accept me because I was there, but since I have grown up, worked, gotten married, had a child, lived through divorce, been laid off, and all the other hiccup in my life, they seem to finally see me like a person, another individual who is strong and can stand tall. I have a best friend that I have known for over 35 years and we have always been apart. She is like my sister and I love her to death. 

I am me. I am who I am, not what others want me to be. I don't dress in the latest fashions or go out to the fanciest restaurants. I don't go out all the time and I don't sit on the phone with friends. I work hard, I go to school, I raise my son, I take care of my mom, I work hard, I commit to church, I do what I can, and try not to let anyone down. I am me... for me...


Others? And Us?

Do you think that in order to be happy we must ignore others? Is it even possible to do this? Is the goal to only let others and their opinions affect us so much? Have you ever made a hard but worth-it personal or professional decision?

I have found that when we ignore others, it does not make us any better than the next person. We can't ignore people just because we want to be someone better. Ignorance does not make us better, it makes us ignorant.  We need to find happiness, but we need to find it within ourselves. We cannot ignore those people who do not fit into our routine. We need to know where they fit in and continue to include them. Ignoring people is the way we act when we are in elementary school, not when we are adults. In school, we can burn bridges and give the silent treatment, but in the real world we need all the friends we can get, they may turn out to be enemies, they may turn out to be allies, they may turn out to be coworkers, or even our bosses. We can never predict where the roads we chose will lead, but we need to think about how we treat others before acting prematurely. It is difficult to see eye-to-eye with someone when their opinion or objective is different from ours. We each need to keep our eyes and mind open, to understand and learn.

My most recent decision to move on in my life was a difficult one because the people I worked with became like family to me, as I spent more time with them than with my own family. This pulled me in so many directions. I felt like I was letting down those I worked with, but leaving and starting over, but I also felt like they let me down by not valuing what I could do. I learned, through heartache and tears, that they will appreciate me for who I am and will accept me for what I am able to do, and will understand why I made the decision I did. If they don't, then it is their loss. I gave my all and kept chugging along, but this was a challenge for me, both physically and mentally.

I can't ignore people because they come back around somewhere else in my life and I need to know that we can still work together. Ignorance IS NOT bliss.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

I love my son...

I love my son to death but when him and I don't see eye to eye, we have serious issues. Him and I are too much alike and being stubborn appears to be a family trait... Just ask my mom.
There actually comes a point in the "discussion" when I have to walk away.
Does anyone else suffer from bouts of bullheaded confrontations?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sick and hoarse

Have you noticed..
The more hoarse or more congested a child is...
Is directly proportional to
The amount the child talks...
The more funny-sounding, the more chatter...
Anyone else experience this?

Going insane

My email service is temporarily locked and I am going crazy. I can't access my email, I have no clue what is happening. Customer support on their end totally sucks. I have called them at least 4 times, all with different answers.

This f'ing sucks and I am sooooo not happy!!!!!

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