Monday, April 30, 2012

One of those... Mondays

Ever had one of those days when anything you seem to do is absolutely wrong?
Someone is always trying to get you in trouble?
Someone is always second-guessing what you do (or did)?
Don't you hate it when someone always wants to be the big dog?
I have been doing this long enough that I am not stupid... and I absolutely hate it when people treat me like I have not idea what I am doing!
There is always someone who THINKS they are in charge, when they don't know jack?
Why me? What have I done to deserve this?
I guess because I don't say anything. I just quietly do my job.
I am keeping my mouth shut, but stomach hurts and I feel sick.
I am biting my tongue, but I want to speak my mind... but I am better than that. I am more mature than that. I don't go tattling when she does something... especially since I end up being told not to act like that and we all have to get along.
I feel so sick... I want to leave... I want to cry...
I hate it.

10 Things I'm Good At

10 Things I'm Good At
In this case, no one is really specifying exactly which angle to look at this statement from, so...
1. I am good at being Extremely bull-headed... just ask my mom!!

2. I am good at giving everything I have without asking for anything in return...

3. I am a good listener when someone needs to talk.

4. I am a (kinda) good cook.

5. I can be a good obsessive compulsive if I get in the mood.

6. Trusting someone.

7. NOT taking time for myself.

8. Walking in high heels (at least up to 4-inches)

9. NOT being patient.

10.  NOT sitting still.

Feel miserable - What happened to privacy?

I have a good friend, whom I have been close to for most of my life.

I sent her an email because I was having a hard time with something, so I needed to talk.

It was a very (un)pleasant surprise to find out there her husband looks at the emails also.

I don't know if they have one account or if he just randomly checks them, but it bothered me. I feel like I can no longer turn to her if I need to talk because I can't email her.

I feel like my privacy has been compromised. Now I can't help but think back and wonder what else I have sent her, and if he read it? I want to say something to her, but I can't.

The reason I found out is because he emailed me back and kinda scolded me. What the hell? I was mad, I was hurt, I was beside myself. I want to say something, I want to say nothing... I am confused... and miserable. What the hell?


Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

And now for this weeks Questions:

1. Finish this sentence - I am glad it's Monday because... I need a break!

2. Where did you spend your last vacation? Arizona

3. Who is your favorite author? Don't really have one

4. What other Memes do you participate in during the week? Meet me Monday, Follow Friday, WTKW, Feeling Beachie... etc... etc...  etc...

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5. What is your main purpose for having your blog?

Mine is to just be able to express myself and meet new people... and you?

No MiniVan, but four-doors

Okay, I love my little 2-door sports car, with sun-roof and all the other fun stuff... but, as before, my 2-door fun-mobile soon gets outgrown by everyone but me, so once again... we go back to the 4-door model. 

I had a 2-door Mazda when I was pregnant... that was my "mommy mobile" and "family ride". My brother teased me, but I loved my little car. If I can still get in and out of it, I am gonna keep pedaling it!

It died, finally (insert hysterical sobbing). I had to shop... yuck! Okay, so, 2-door Celica here I come... sun roof, tunes, cool-looking, white with chrome, sharp... but even less of a "family ride" than my Mazda. Lasted a year before my mom and son outgrew it... neither could ride comfortably and no one else was gonna drive it.

Boo hoo... okay, 4-doors and trunk... guess I can adjust... for 2 years... and then another 4-door for 3 more years... and another for 3 years. Guess it's not TOOOOOOO bad.

Okay, then it was time for my 2-door again... sporty, sunroof, spoiler, cool, fun... for 2 years... until, once again, the family outgrew it... my son's head hits the ceiling in the back seat and my mom and her hip surgery can't get in and out of the car well. AARRGGHH!

Well, God must have been looking over us, along with all our finances and aches and pains. We got a letter from the dealership and they were willing to trade our car early. (2 years early of the lease). My mom said to look into it, couldn't hurt, could be cheaper.

Okay, so we were going to the grocery store Saturday and ended up at the dealership. (That is now the new running joke in our house... I went to get bread and milk and came home with a car!)  I drove home with a new car... 4-doors, truck space, leg room, head room, mom can get in and out, my son's head doesn't scratch the ceiling, and the payments are lower. (so is the insurance)

I can do this... it's a cool car, my son thinks it's neat.. it's a "hip mom car", I can blue-tooth my phone through the car, so it's hands-free (one less thing for mom to growl about), better gas mileage...

okay, I can do this 4-door car...

for a few years anyway...

so do i....

Just Relax... Monday will be over soon

Friday, April 20, 2012

Just when you thought...

On Fridays, my son and I go visit my buddy and we normally have some type of sloppy, not-the-healthiest, meal. It never fails though. If I eat lunch, figuring we are going to have junk for dinner, he ends up going to a friends house, we don't have an unhealthy dinner, and then I am left hungry. On the other hand, if I decided to do a sloppy lunch because I am hungry or having a craving, he stays home, we go out, and then I feel like hell. Just when you thought you had it figured out...


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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brunch with Amber... and It's Okay...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK... really...

if you decide NOT to eat all your dinner.

if you decide to skip dessert.

if you only put $5 in the gas tank.

if you buy a new purse because it's cute.

if you buy a candy bar because it looked good.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tips on How to Make a Perfect Cheesecake

One of the most delicious and elegant dessert is cheesecake. It has the classic smoothness and creaminess that all that everyone loves. There are many people who don't like to bake this cake because it is a very daunting process. Moreover, perfecting it seems to be very difficult. For those who want to learn to bake them perfectly, the only thing they need to master is how to get it creamy. Below are tips to help you bake a perfect cake.

If you are new to baking, then do not expect to perfect it on the first try. However, you can make it good enough by making a really good and smooth batter. Moreover, you should make sure that you follow the cooling process and temperature settings properly. You can make the cake tastier than it is when you let it stand after baking until it cools down and chill it for 24 hours. You can wow everyone on your first baking attempt by doing the things you can control.

Make a good batter

You have to make sure that all ingredients that you will use in baking are in at room temperature prior to starting mixing them. Moreover, make sure that the eggs and cheeses re thoroughly mixed together until they seem creamy prior to adding other creams and liquid ingredients. Always choose the best cream cheese you can find in the market such as Swiss, cottage cheese, or cheddar cheese.

Mix it correctly but don't over mix

If you are using an electric mixer to combine the ingredients, make sure that you combine them until the mixture becomes creamy and lump-free. Cracking is the most common problem when baking. These cracks are a result when bubbles are created in the mixture that is caused by too much beating.

Cook it slowly

A low temperature is needed to bake a perfect cheesecake. Your cake will get lots of cracks if you heat it up or cool it down too quickly. After the baking time is complete, do not remove the cake from the oven. Leave it inside until it goes completely cold. This will prevent the formation of cracks. This method also applies for cooling. Let the cake cool completely before removing it from the tin.

In order to make the tastiest, creamiest and cheesiest cheesecake to treat, you should always use a good cream cheese. This is because it has the highest fat content that will give the smoothness that you want. You can top the cake with fruits such as berries, orange slices or shredded coconut.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Join the Ultimate Blog Party 2012
from 5 Minutes for Mom
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Java's Back... Follow Friday 40 and Over

Come hop along with Java 

#MMOM 4/9/12

Acting Balanced

And now for this weeks Questions:

1. Which three words would describe you best?
Loyal, bullheaded, quiet

2. Describe your favorite place in the whole world.
Sitting on the deck, with friends, and a drink

3. Sunsets, Sunrises or Full Moons?
Loves sunsets because they are pretty, but Full Moons are just plain awesome.

4. If you were to get reincarnated what or who would you want to come back as?
I'm not sure... 

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5. What have you done that you felt guilty about?


Bloggy Mom Prompt 4/9/12

Monday April 9, 2012 ... and he never found out! 

If only he knew... if only any of them knew... it's our little secret and no one is going to tell. If we got caught, we would be in so much trouble. But we didn't... and he never found out...
'nuff said.


Monday Listicles

10 things that happen in my minivan
(this should be easy, as in my previous post... I don't do minivans!!)

Anyway... here we go...

1. First of all - NOTHING happens in my MINIVAN... 'Cuz I don't have one...

2. In my car... the gas light comes on... usually when gas it as the highest price. When the light is off, the gas price is low...

3. I inevitably drop my phone between the seat at console.

4. My purse tips over, off the front seat, all over the floor.

5. The fabric grocery bags never get past the floor of the back seat.

6. My son does not know how to NOT slam the door.

7. I change CD's at least once or twice in my 15 minute drive to work (I miss my 6-disc changer).

8. My mom yells at me at least once to "watch the road".

9. I have at least one bottle of Diet Coke in the console.

10. I scarf down a quick meal at least once a week.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Won a Prize - Thank you thank you thank you!

I linked up and won!!

I linked up my Mini Van Mom post and won an awesome prize...

Gorgeous earrings from Julia Anthony Jewelry.

(as soon as they arrive, I will post a pic... I cannot wait!)

Check out the two hosts...

Five Question Friday

Welcome to Five Question Friday!! You've come to the right place if you want a fun, easy post or if you've suddenly discovered your muses are preparing for Easter! Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning and LINK UP! (Feel free to play along on Twitter, also!) Oh, and remember (pay close attention...this is the important one)...HAVE FUN! 

Questions for Friday, April 6th: (Special thanks to Pam (@trooppetrie) from Troop Petrie, Becky (@beckymuller) from It's a Wonderful Life, Tina (@PeazyT) from I Have Autism, not Cooties, Erin (@Midnite592) from Dreaming with Midnite, and Kate (@KatieB38) from Kate's Life for their question suggestions! I would love to link you in a future 5QF, so come on over to my community or watch for my Thursday afternoon shout out for questions on Twitter and offer up your best question suggestions! Remember to @5crookedhalos me and use hashtag #5QF if you go the Twitter route!)

1. Would you prefer having people over for dinner or going to their house?
I hate going out... would rather have them come over.

2. Favorite Bible verse and why?
The 23rd Psalm - just because

3. What was the first concert you ever attended, and the most recent one?
First concert - Motley Crue. Most recent - Kenny Chesney

4. The year is 2025. What are you doing, and what have you done? I hope to be happy and healthy, have my new job I enjoy, and feel secure.

5. What's your favorite Easter treat? Jellybeans... I eat all the yellow and red ones first.


Feeling Beachie... Friday Fill-in


Each week, Feeling Beachie lists four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to her at If she uses them, she will add you as co-host to the hop!

This week’s co-host is Jen from Just another day I would LOVE it if you could please help me spread the word about this hop…. So, please tweet, FaceBook share, and add the linky to your post…

This week’s statements:

1. I never wear _polyester_ and I don’t know why (yeah, right... like I don't know why...)

2. In the winter I always_love to watch the snow fall_

3. When I _go away_, I miss _my kitty cats_

4. I love the way _fleece_ feels.

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