Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Listicles

10 things that happen in my minivan
(this should be easy, as in my previous post... I don't do minivans!!)

Anyway... here we go...

1. First of all - NOTHING happens in my MINIVAN... 'Cuz I don't have one...

2. In my car... the gas light comes on... usually when gas it as the highest price. When the light is off, the gas price is low...

3. I inevitably drop my phone between the seat at console.

4. My purse tips over, off the front seat, all over the floor.

5. The fabric grocery bags never get past the floor of the back seat.

6. My son does not know how to NOT slam the door.

7. I change CD's at least once or twice in my 15 minute drive to work (I miss my 6-disc changer).

8. My mom yells at me at least once to "watch the road".

9. I have at least one bottle of Diet Coke in the console.

10. I scarf down a quick meal at least once a week.



  1. Sounds like my car! I don't do the MiniVan Mafia either!! And I don't know why I never zip my purse and just set it on the floor. I KNOW what's going to happen!

  2. LOL, great list. Don't you hate those co piloting comments? It is a scientific fact the need for gas is directly proportional to how expensive the closest gas station is and it's always out of regular.

  3. yes, this is my car- except my mom doesn't yell at me, but my 2 year old does. :)

  4. What Christina said. I am always looking for my phone and forget the green bags in the car when food shopping :)

  5. This is so much like me! I never get gas until the light comes on (and has been on for awhile if I'm being honest) - so I know I often overpay.

  6. I ALWAYS forget those dang bags in the car!!!

  7. My dad has instilled the fear of God in me with the gas gauge, therefore it rarely goes under a half a tank before I fill up.


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