Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is My Child a Morning Person??

Mama’s Losin’ It

Mama Kat's Writing Prompt... Is your child a morning person?

Oh yes, most definitely... morning person all the way.

I am bad... if I sleep past 6am, then something is wrong. He is the same. He is up early and ready to go. He even manages to wake and then wake everyone else up, to find out what we want for breakfast. Even when he stays at his friend's house, he is a slumber party's worst nightmare... they stay up till 2 or 3 am and he is still up by 6 (7 at the latest). Everyone else sleeps in... but not him.

His normal time on Saturday is about 6:30 or 7:00 am. He makes coffee and then starts asking what we want for breakfast. He is willing to go all out -pancakes, fried eggs, toast, coffee... you name it, he'll accommodate.

During the week, he gets up with me at 5am and gets his shower and makes breakfast before seeing me off to work.

I am glad he's a morning person, but some days I wish he would just let me NOT be a morning person.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What do you do that drives your mother crazy?

A found a writing prompt that seems to sum it up... although I don't know if I have enough time or space to write down EVERYTHING that drives my mom crazy... I think between my son and my brothers, we have covered all the bases.

In my case, I have learned (as I have been taught), it is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission... which is exactly how I have been living my life since I was old enough to get in trouble for not asking permission and then getting in trouble for going against the answer... so I was old enough NOT to ask... it's easier after the fact than to go headfirst against the "no".

I know that when I came home with a tattoo... I thought she was going to go through the roof. And then I got my ears pierced multiple times... and then I got my belly button pierced.

I can honestly tell you that there are times when bucking the system is the way I roll.

I come home with the occasional animals, that were not cleared by the "proper authorities"... such as two kittens instead of "just looking", hermit crabs, fish, little frogs, etc. I never was gutsy enough to try the hamster thing, but I can tell you that would get me in a world of hurt. The fish started out as 1 Betta, in a small tank, in my room... and has now progressed to 2 Bettas, 2 medium tanks, and 1 10-gal tank... all kitchen, on mom's cupboard... well, it's more of a credenza. We have 2 kittens and an older cat (the kittens were brothers... and the last two left... I couldn't separate them...).

As I was growing up, when mom would say no, dad would say yes... I learned that at an early age... and mom figured it wasn't worth arguing about.

I dyed my hair maroon. I let my son keep his longer. I bought him a hair-straightener. My brothers hid a mouse in their closet... when mom told them they couldn't have one... and then it died... mom found it. Mom said we couldn't have pets... my brother bought my dad 2 parakeets. Mom said we couldn't have a dog... dad bought me a puppy. Mom said we weren't getting another dog after the first one died... I took dad to the pound and he signed the papers. Dad said we weren't bringing the stray home... I climbed in the car with him and stayed there... we took him home.

Oh, let's see... and then there is that I buy almost everything is black (but it goes with everything!). I get bored with my purse, so instead of using one of my 50 others, I need to get a new one. Yes, I do need 6 pairs of the same shoes in different colors. Why should I put my shoes away? I'm going to wear them tomorrow.

I'm sure if I took more time, I could think of even more things... but this is just a start for ideas on how to drive your own mom crazy!

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I've been tagged.. by Jennifer!

I was tagged approximately 4 days ago by Jennifer at Just Another Day.
Here are the rules, the rules, and the rest of the rules...

# 1 - You must post these rules.
# 2 - You must post 11 things about yourself.
# 3 - You must answer the questions from the tagger AND post 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
# 4 - You must choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.  Let them know they've been tagged! Don't tag back the blog that tagged you. 

1. I am seriously bullheaded (just ask my mom).
2. I love my son to death - he is my best friend.
3. I will forgive... but forgetting is a little more difficult for me.
4. I put others first.
5. I trust everyone, until I am proven different.
6. I can be a pack rat.
7. I love to drink wine.
8. I would love to go to an island on vacation.
9. I do occasionally play the lottery.
10. I don't spend a lot of money on myself.
11. I want to find happiness in my life.

1. Are you a Walmart shopper? Of course... that's my 3rd home.. behind home and work.
2. Do you speak any languages other than English? I took 2 years of spanish... I can ask for a beer and where is the bathroom. (Those are the important ones right?)
3. What was your favorite job? I love working at the wine bar.
4. Favorite pastime? just chilling with the kitty cats.
5. Black and white or color? Photos... black & white rocks.
6. Small businesses or big box? small businesses are the way.
7. Do you recycle? yes... anything that isn't nailed down!
8. Home phone/cell phone/no phone? home phone for mom... cell phone for me...
9. Were you ever an AOL user?  yes, way back when... in the beginning... in dial-up... prior to "you've got mail"
10. Favorite website? Besides your blog of course! The Tastefully Simple Website... yummy!!!
11. Favorite beverage? I like wine, can do beer, but non-alcoholic - give me Diet Coke.

11 PEOPLE I AM TAGGING:(trust me... these are no certain order... just putting you on "the list")
1. Stasha @ Northwest Mommy
2. Kristin @ Mondays with Mac
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1. Married? Divorced? Single? Widowed? Other?
2. Work at Home? Stay at Home? Work outside the home?
3. Favorite TV Show?
4. Any secret addictions?
5. What's your "craving" food?
6. Burger King or McDonalds?
7. Mexican or Chinese?
8. Favorite "real restaurant" meal?
9. Ice cream, frozen yogurt, or custard?
10. Chocolate or vanilla?
11. If you could do anything, what would it be?


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday Listicles 5/28/12


1.  Messy

2. Lived-in

3. Small

4. Dysfunctional

5. Non-traditional 

6. Old

7. Remodeled

8. Casual

9. Homey

10. Pet-friendly

Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeling Beachie Fill-Ins 5/25/12


This week’s statements:

1. After a long day, I like to _curl up with the cat, the remote, and a glass of wine_

2. _Melaleuca sol-u-mel__is my favorite cleaning product

3. I can’t stand to watch _some of the reality shows on tv lately__

4. I want to _sleep thru the night (yeah right)_ when I _go to bed_.

I am a morning person... I'm sorry

Yes, I am a morning person... maybe some times TOO MUCH of a morning person.
I leave the house at least an hour before I have to start work, so I have my own time. I am a morning person, but I also like my "quiet time". I sing in the car, stop and get a soda, go through the car wash, or take the long way to work (mind you, there is only so much you can do in a 15-minute drive).

I work with many who ARE NOT morning people... which explains why I get the early shift... which is fine with me. 

My boss is one of those "not morning people" and he basically has forbid me from coffee and energy drinks at work because he feels that I am already "too full of energy". Okay, fine... I can live with that. (I guess that also keeps me from really getting wound up when someone pisses me off!)  If I'm "un-caffenated", I tend to remain calm, keep quiet, and go about my business, but if I'm on caffeine or energy drinks... and someone rubs the wrong way... watch out... I am ready to go!

The funny thing is... when I am quiet or just keep to myself, suddenly something is wrong. 

Damned if I do, damned if I don't... I'm sure you know that old saying.

I get up and want to get moving right away. My brain doesn't shut off, so my body feels as though I am running non-stop... places to go, things to do, things to start, things to finish, people to help, people to please... yadda yadda yadda.

So, mix my morning personality, with my obsessive-compulsive tendencies, along with my willingness to over-extend myself... and what do you get... ME!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Better Late than Never...

The Momalog

Back in April, I participated in a blog bash over at Momalog, for their one-year anniversary. They hosted the Alison’s and Ado’s 1st Blogoversary Blog Bash! I posted and linked up my blog post about NOT being a mini-van mom. I was ecstatic to know I won a pair of earrings from Julia Anthony Jewelry. Her jewelry is on Etsy and she is also on Facebook.

See my Isadora Earrings photos below...


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday overload

My brain hurts. I am seriously having difficulties focusing today. I am not sure why, but I can feel it. My brain feels like mush and my head is kind of swimming. I took my anxiety pill, trying to regain my focus. It seems like my brain has been on fast-forward since last week and I can't seem to get my bearings. I am not exactly sure what is happening but it's surreal. I can't focus to save my life. My desk looks like a bomb exploded on it. I am not clear on why it's all so fuzzy... but it is...


Friday, May 18, 2012

relaxing tonight

Relaxing tonight. Have to start my final.paper tomorrow. Tonight it's me and Red Rock Merlot.

Feeling Beachie Friday 5/18/12


This week’s statements:

1. I like to avoid _big crowds and public speaking_ if possible

2. _Patience_ is a virtue I do not have

3. Sometimes the _shy ones_ are the _ones with the best qualities_

4. I think that _animals/pets_ are the best _stress-relievers_

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It's may.... The weather bounces around like playing "whack-a-mole".

Tonight, mom has the heat on, my son is on top of the covers in boxer shorts, and I have the window open with the fan on.

Why can't we all just get along?!?!?!

things I can do...

Laying here in bed. Mind is cranking randomly.

What have I done? What can I do?

Here it goes...

Acrylic nails

Homemade candles and soap

Beading, I.e. wine charms, jewelry, etc.


Rubber stamping projects

Plants=green thumb





Wordlessly Wednesday

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blog Dare Bloggy Moms May 8, 2012

Bloggy Moms Blog Dare Writing Prompt

Tuesday May 8, 2012

I'm a __________ mom/wife/sister/friend...

I'm a single mom, raising one teenage boy. He is my life, he is my world, he is my best friend.

I am an ex-wife who decided that bailing her husband out of jail what not what I was working hard every day for.

I am a little sister, with 2 older brothers, who still refer to me as "what's her face" some days.

I am a close friend to my pal Coco. Her and I can be no more opposite than we are, but our friendship is strong and she rocks!  We keep each other afloat, and we have each others backs. I love her with all my heart.

I am woman... hear me roar!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Quiz About Me 05.07.12

Acting Balanced

And now for this weeks Questions:

1. Finish this sentence - The chore that I hate most is... cleaning the bathroom

2. What are you most looking forward to this summer?  Putting the pool up.

3. Where do you do most of your grocery shopping? How often do you shop? Pick 'n Save or WalMart supercenter. Depends. Once or twice/week.

4. Why do you blog? To express myself. To share. To meet new people.

Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

And now for this weeks Questions:

1. Finish this sentence - I am glad it's Monday because... it has been a long weekend...

2. Where did you spend your last vacation? Phoenix, AZ

3. Who is your favorite author? An A. N. Roquelaure

4. What other Memes do you participate in during the week? Meet me on Monday, Monday Listicles, Follow Me Friday, Five Question Friday... it all depends how my week is going.

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5. How did you relax this weekend?

Time for Lunch... and me

I admit it... I have a nasty habit of not knowing how to look out for me.

During the week, during lunch, I might run out to grab something to eat, and then I bring it back and eat at my desk, why typing, answering the phones, and answering questions.

I feel overwhelmed and I don't want to get further behind.

But today was different... I left work and went to the hamburger joint for a burger and fries. I actually went inside, sat down, watched the tv, and ate my lunch. I did constantly look at my watch, but that was it. No phone, no work, no one to talk to... it was a strange experience...

I am so used to multi-tasking that doing only one thing... and doing it for me... seems incredibly unsettling.

It felt good though. (I don't think I could do it all the time, but I could try for more often than once every few months.)


Meet Me on Monday


1. I wish _I could be happy with myself_

2. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be? Not sure on this one...

3. Do you like to cook? Yes

4. What do you like to do to get exercise? I enjoy swimming, and recently lasertag is a good workout.

5. How tidy are you? Depends... I have my "piles" but I also have my obsessive tidiness...


Saturday, May 5, 2012


My son went with friends last night and stayed over... Which means he did not get his nightly meds. Which explains the attitude today.

The attitude today is tough.  I would like to ring his neck, but I can't.

I bit my tongue and kept my mouth shut. I hate it when we have days like this.

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