Thursday, June 21, 2012

The big dog... err... cat... if our house

Let me start by telling you that the Big Dog position of our house is held by a 5-pound cat.

Yes, believe it or not... she is the Queen and truly has the "power".

My mom is out of town, so I am home from work, on a "mini vacation". We have our little 5-lb "old lady" who is truly large (not physically in any way!) and in charge! When my mom (aka Grandma) is home, that cat has her wrapped around her furry little paws and know which buttons to push. She can "demand" to eat at 3am... and my mom feeds her. Yes, absurd, but honest truth. Talk about spoiled! She gets up on my mom's dresser and starts banging things against the large mirror in the back, or... she gets on the desk and starts pushing things onto the floor. She is a little minion, but she is cute... yeah... right... but probably not so much at 3am!

Okay, anyway, the story is... when my mom is home, the two of them spend the day laying on the couch, watching tv, napping, and then the "old lady" feels the need to eat every few hours, but she still keeps her girlish figure... She believes she should have food at 3am, then she hits me up at 5am (so we have to keep an "honesty pad" on the counter so I know if she has eaten or not because she tends to bend the truth). Her and my mom eat lunch and then she gets dinner at 4pm, along with a snack at 9pm. (And yes, she still remains a 5-lb cat!)

Mom left yesterday and I fed all the cats dinner. I went to bed last night and the old lady was curled in her rocker, snoring like a little freight train (yes, she suffers from sinus issues and experiences allergies, causing hee to snore and whistle!). She stayed there all night, never moved, never got up. This morning, she was still curled up at 7am. I went to the kitchen with the other cats and got their dishes. She didn't come out for breakfast... I literally had to wake her up and carry her out to the kitchen for breakfast... okay... lazy... and spoiled.

She doesn't prowl for food at odd hours when I am home with her... because when Grandma is gone... I (yes ME) am the big dog in the house... but once Grandma gets back... I relinquish that "big dog" title back to my little old lady...

Go figure...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Me... Kreative Blogger Award? Wow. Who Knew

Roe At My Upside Down Life presented me with the Kreativ Blogger Award.

I think she said it well when she said "It took me way too long to get around to doing this, but it's only because I suck at receiving compliments and also because I am somewhat challenged by all the rules that go along with this award". Oh yes, so true... I totally understand, to which I also owe an apology of delay...

I would like to thank Roe for putting me on her "deserving" list. This blog, in my eyes, is still in the "baby stage" - it's not really old, but it does have many followers, for that I am grateful. I put this together as a way of sharing my world and my "mommy experiences" with those who are also in the same boat (and in my case - NOT a minivan! hehe!) 

Now, on to the rules and requirements...

The Rules:
1.  Thank and link back to the awarding blog.
2.  Answer seven questions.
3.  Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.
4.  Hand the award on to 7 deserving others.

Here are seven questions (the same ones Roe answered)...

The Questions:
#1. What is your favorite song? "Blown Away" by Carrie Underwood

#2. What's your favorite desert? If I could have anything... Tiramisu

#3. What do you do when you are upset? I shut down and don't talk to anyone, but not before I let out a growl.

#4. Which is your favorite pet? I love my kitty cats... but dogs are awesome too (but they have to be BIG dogs... not little yippers!)

#5. Which do you prefer, White or Whole Wheat? Whole wheat mostly, but white for smooshed down cheese sandwiches.

#6. What is your your biggest fear? Failure... and speaking in public...

#7. What is your attitude mostly? I try to be positive and pleasant... but there are days.

Ten Random Factoids... all about ME:
#1 - I am divorced and my ex-husband is in jail
#2 - I enjoy drinking wine.
#3 - I am ready to get another tattoo
#4 - I enjoy cooking.
#5 - I have over 30 pairs of shoes
#6 - I love buying purses
#7 - I do not enjoy my job some days.
#8 - I love to swim
#9 - I forgive, but don't always forget.
#10 - Do not mess with my son or my mom, as I get to be a nasty mama if you do!

And now... drum roll please.. 7 deserving bloggers... (no certain order)
#1 - Boca Frau
#7 - Ms Composure

Stop by, visit, say hi. and keep blogging!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lunch... junk food... cravings... and such

Lunchtime rolls around every day... for me... about the same time. By now, you would think that I would know what I will be eating... but... nope!

Today was yet another one of those days... cravings, but uncertainty... knowing what I want, but just can't justify the not-so-nutritional value... hungry, but not sure what for... it's the same cycle 5 of 7 days every week. Today I have a salad... actually two. Yes, healthy and nutritious... and I enjoy them, but I have things to do tonight... if I don't eat now, I might as well face the consequences.  I have to go to a "meeting" after work... after voting... and I am not sure when dinner will fit in... and munchies just doesn't cut it!

I broke down... I went to McDonalds.  My worse-case craving is the Big Mac. I know it's SOOOO bad for me, but if I only have once every month or so, I guess I might survive. This time though, I didn't go through the drive-thru and munch on fries all the way back to work... I went in, ordered my food, and sat down. I ate there. I took my time. I didn't have to eat while I worked. No one bothered me. I ate my sandwich, drank my soda, looked out the window, munched on fries (and by the way, when I ran out of ketchup, I stopped eating my fries!). I normally eat lunch at my desk and end up feeling like a stuffed critter by the time I am done. Today, I didn't feel that way... I guess it does help when you eat lunch AWAY from work.

Now I'm fine for another month or so...


Monday, June 4, 2012

Only as Mom-cool as my son thinks I am

I try to be a mom who isn't boring... or an embarrassment to my child, but eventually (I know) the time WILL come. But right now, he still thinks I'm cool and I am fine with that.

My son was hanging out with his friends one day and they got into the regular conversation of how old their parents are (surprise!) One of the boys was telling his mom's age. My son added in with my age. His friend then replied that he thought I was in my 30's. That was sweet... But my son had to point out my EXACT age... which is okay... because I don't feel my age... or feel I look my age... or even always act my age.

Anyway... I have driven my sports cars. I do NOT wear polyester. I listen to heavy metal, country, and even rap music. I color my hair. I let my son keep his hair longer. I don't make him clean his plate. I work out at the gym with him. We play laser tag. We go to a local store and paint ceramics. We go out to eat and go for sushi. If he wants something special from the grocery store, I buy it. We put a pool up in our yard in the summer. We drive with the windows down and the bass up. We go for frozen yogurt. I have tattoos and many piercings (even my belly button). I still wear a two-piece swim suit. He enjoys the office supply store like I do. We have done martial arts together. We have done homework together. I still throw him birthday parties with his friends, my friends, and food. We go to video game stores. I know how to play PacMan and can try to play Mario and Sonic. My friends enjoy hanging with my son... and my son enjoys hanging with my friends.

He still seems to think I am (at least) "kinda" cool. I try. As long as he doesn't mind hanging with me, I'm fine with that. I admit... I can be a dork... and I admit... so can he... so we are both good with that.

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