Monday, June 4, 2012

Only as Mom-cool as my son thinks I am

I try to be a mom who isn't boring... or an embarrassment to my child, but eventually (I know) the time WILL come. But right now, he still thinks I'm cool and I am fine with that.

My son was hanging out with his friends one day and they got into the regular conversation of how old their parents are (surprise!) One of the boys was telling his mom's age. My son added in with my age. His friend then replied that he thought I was in my 30's. That was sweet... But my son had to point out my EXACT age... which is okay... because I don't feel my age... or feel I look my age... or even always act my age.

Anyway... I have driven my sports cars. I do NOT wear polyester. I listen to heavy metal, country, and even rap music. I color my hair. I let my son keep his hair longer. I don't make him clean his plate. I work out at the gym with him. We play laser tag. We go to a local store and paint ceramics. We go out to eat and go for sushi. If he wants something special from the grocery store, I buy it. We put a pool up in our yard in the summer. We drive with the windows down and the bass up. We go for frozen yogurt. I have tattoos and many piercings (even my belly button). I still wear a two-piece swim suit. He enjoys the office supply store like I do. We have done martial arts together. We have done homework together. I still throw him birthday parties with his friends, my friends, and food. We go to video game stores. I know how to play PacMan and can try to play Mario and Sonic. My friends enjoy hanging with my son... and my son enjoys hanging with my friends.

He still seems to think I am (at least) "kinda" cool. I try. As long as he doesn't mind hanging with me, I'm fine with that. I admit... I can be a dork... and I admit... so can he... so we are both good with that.



  1. I'm kind of dreading the day my kids no longer think I'm cool. I know it's coming. Sigh. And I love that you two go out and eat sushi together!

  2. This is a great post! You are the "cool" Mom on the block! When your son gets a little older, all the kids will want to hang at your house, which is the best thing! My kids are older now, but I loved that sometimes they would hang out at the house with me even if the child they wanted to see wasn't there. They are all grown up now, young adults, and they STILL come over just to say hello. Really warms my heart, and it sounds like the same will be true for you! Good job!


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