Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lunch... junk food... cravings... and such

Lunchtime rolls around every day... for me... about the same time. By now, you would think that I would know what I will be eating... but... nope!

Today was yet another one of those days... cravings, but uncertainty... knowing what I want, but just can't justify the not-so-nutritional value... hungry, but not sure what for... it's the same cycle 5 of 7 days every week. Today I have a salad... actually two. Yes, healthy and nutritious... and I enjoy them, but I have things to do tonight... if I don't eat now, I might as well face the consequences.  I have to go to a "meeting" after work... after voting... and I am not sure when dinner will fit in... and munchies just doesn't cut it!

I broke down... I went to McDonalds.  My worse-case craving is the Big Mac. I know it's SOOOO bad for me, but if I only have once every month or so, I guess I might survive. This time though, I didn't go through the drive-thru and munch on fries all the way back to work... I went in, ordered my food, and sat down. I ate there. I took my time. I didn't have to eat while I worked. No one bothered me. I ate my sandwich, drank my soda, looked out the window, munched on fries (and by the way, when I ran out of ketchup, I stopped eating my fries!). I normally eat lunch at my desk and end up feeling like a stuffed critter by the time I am done. Today, I didn't feel that way... I guess it does help when you eat lunch AWAY from work.

Now I'm fine for another month or so...


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