Thursday, June 21, 2012

The big dog... err... cat... if our house

Let me start by telling you that the Big Dog position of our house is held by a 5-pound cat.

Yes, believe it or not... she is the Queen and truly has the "power".

My mom is out of town, so I am home from work, on a "mini vacation". We have our little 5-lb "old lady" who is truly large (not physically in any way!) and in charge! When my mom (aka Grandma) is home, that cat has her wrapped around her furry little paws and know which buttons to push. She can "demand" to eat at 3am... and my mom feeds her. Yes, absurd, but honest truth. Talk about spoiled! She gets up on my mom's dresser and starts banging things against the large mirror in the back, or... she gets on the desk and starts pushing things onto the floor. She is a little minion, but she is cute... yeah... right... but probably not so much at 3am!

Okay, anyway, the story is... when my mom is home, the two of them spend the day laying on the couch, watching tv, napping, and then the "old lady" feels the need to eat every few hours, but she still keeps her girlish figure... She believes she should have food at 3am, then she hits me up at 5am (so we have to keep an "honesty pad" on the counter so I know if she has eaten or not because she tends to bend the truth). Her and my mom eat lunch and then she gets dinner at 4pm, along with a snack at 9pm. (And yes, she still remains a 5-lb cat!)

Mom left yesterday and I fed all the cats dinner. I went to bed last night and the old lady was curled in her rocker, snoring like a little freight train (yes, she suffers from sinus issues and experiences allergies, causing hee to snore and whistle!). She stayed there all night, never moved, never got up. This morning, she was still curled up at 7am. I went to the kitchen with the other cats and got their dishes. She didn't come out for breakfast... I literally had to wake her up and carry her out to the kitchen for breakfast... okay... lazy... and spoiled.

She doesn't prowl for food at odd hours when I am home with her... because when Grandma is gone... I (yes ME) am the big dog in the house... but once Grandma gets back... I relinquish that "big dog" title back to my little old lady...

Go figure...

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  1. This is adorable! I grew up with cats and they were all spoiled by my mother. Right now I just have 3 dogs and some other furry critters that aren't cats---6 chinchillas and rabbit! In the end though, I think all of our pets rule the house!
    I saw that you joined my blog--thank you for that. I just joined yours as well under the name Marcia Doyle. Thanks for sharing!


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