Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random thought... lunch bags

I was putting a block of cheese away and had this thought... why does everything need to be ziplock?

When my dad worked in the factory, my mom wrapped his sandwiches in wax paper. My aunt used sandwich bags made of wax paper. My lunch was always in those silly bags where you tuck in the flap and flip the fold. Why do we need ziplock for everything? Except to spend more money?

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Wordless Wednesday - Nov 30, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

A strange question...

Why is there such a "to do" about fruitcake at Christmas?

Why do we make it and give it if no one likes it? Something to do with excess candied fruit?

I remember, growing up, we had a fruitcake in our freezer, wrapped in foil... for what seemed like my entire childhood.

Whazzup with that????

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Meet Me Monday 11.28.11


1. I really need to clean my _________? bedroom

2. What food makes you think of Christmas?  candy canes (are those considered food?)

3. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be? I would be happy at 40

4. What was your first paying job? Administrative Assistant, part-time, during high school

5. Have you read the Twilight series? Nope, good intentions, but not yet...yes, I do have the first book... somewhere.

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