Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ever experienced a REALLY bad roller coaster ride?

Yep, I have... my past few weeks...

My coworker pissed me off and made me cry.

I graduated with my Associates Degree

I went on my first vacation in over 10 years

My son took his first plane trip

My son had his first vacation

He had a meltdown and didn't want to come home

Then his schedule at school got changed

I then started my bachelor's degree

I am stressed and I feel like I have been on a bad roller coaster ride.

Get me off this ride.


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  1. Man my life is one long roller coaster, I've been trying to get off it for a long time LOL! Congrats on the Assoc Degree and just going back to school- how awesome is that! Vacations are wonderful but stressful too- I always say I need a vacation from my vacation. Like your blog a lot! New Follower from Thirsty Thurs Blog Hop!


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