Monday, November 28, 2011

A strange question...

Why is there such a "to do" about fruitcake at Christmas?

Why do we make it and give it if no one likes it? Something to do with excess candied fruit?

I remember, growing up, we had a fruitcake in our freezer, wrapped in foil... for what seemed like my entire childhood.

Whazzup with that????

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  1. My nan used to go through the 'trauma' of making fruit cake for xmas, the process used to start weeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkksssss in advance soaking the fruit etc. Then it used to be slowly eaten dad. I think he felt some obligation! Thankfully my mum does not feel the need to carry that tradition on - we have more edible new ones :-) Hopped over here from the Six in a Nest bloghop, and glad I did! Am following and looking forward to catching up with other posts! Lynsey (


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