Wednesday, November 2, 2011

wine-ing wednesday

I am not a Wine Diva or Wine Snob, but I do draw a line... somewhere. I may not drink expensive stuff ( anything over $15/bottle is expensive!) I used to drink M.D. or Riun... so what's the point, eh? I have "refined" my pallet to the point there is some wines I cannot drink! I don't drink the expensive stuff... but I have to have more than "2-Buck chuck"... or as my son calls it... "2-Buck YUCK!"

Hell, there are some $6 wines I can enjoy regularly... and some $70 ones you couldn't pay me to drink... oh well. Enough "wine-ing" for tonight!! :)


  1. That reminds me, I have a bottle of bottom-of-the-line riesling tucked in my workroom closet. I could be doing some wine-ing also ;)

  2. I agree totally on the price not mattering thing! You like what you like.

    I like wine with diner sometimes and I have an absolute favorite red and a favorite white. My fave red is Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon, usually around $25 a bottle. My fave white is Sutter zHome Chenin Blanc, which I can usually get for about $5-6 a bottle. Needless to say I drink white more often than red! LOL


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