Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm tired...

All weekend has been a long weekend. I have come to the conclusion that I am tired.

Not just exhausted tired, but fed up tired, beat down tired, worn out tired, and just sick and tired.
I have worked in an office, everyday, for over 25 years (since before I graduated high school), it takes me 10 years to get a vacation, and my weekends are slept away from exhaustion.

I am burnt. I am sick of the drive to work every morning. I am sick of getting up before the sun. I am sick of scraping the frost of f my windows. I am sick of going to work to be beat down and tied to my computer and phone. I am just sick of everything.

I would love to find a place in my life, where I can work from home, enjoy my son and my animals, have money to pay the bills, live comfortably, and have time for me.

Right now, I don't, and I am really starting to hate everything. My attitude is getting tired and beaten, and I really am getting more depressed every day. Oh yeah, it just dawned on me... I forgot my meds this morning. DAMN!!!!

This is gonna be a long flippin' day and I am NOT looking forward to it!


  1. Tired is a word I use a lot too! Must be our age... (although I am a bit older than you!)

    I'm you newest follower. I found your blog on "Friday Follow Over 40". Hope the meds kick in soon for you!

  2. I totally understand how you're feeling. When my daughter was young, I would have given my left arm to have been able to either work from home or stay at home. I felt like I missed a lot.

    I realize now that it was what it was and I really didn't have a choice. We gave her a good life and she's grown up to be a wonderful young woman. She's my best bud and that more than makes up for what I thought I had missed back then.

    Hang in there... It does get better.

    ~Mrs B


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