Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have a question to ask... and I am wondering if everyone feels the same.

I have posted a poll in the column. Please feel free to answer (you can have more than one reason). I will post when the finals are tallied.

I see there are many or us out there, in cyberspace, who have one blog, if not two.

What is your reason for two?

Different topics?

Different personalities?

One public, one private?

Does your family know about your blogs?

How about your kids?

Is it your way to vent about your family in one and to show them off in the other?

Just curious. I know my reason, what is yours?


  1. Oooops...I think I have 5...Hahaaa...and yes, different topics.
    Have a great day!

  2. I have 3 - The Chronicles of Nani is my blog, the main one and the one I think of when I say "my blog." The two others, one is my "my cooking blog," where I post my recipes, and the other is "Kaline's blog," "written by" our cats. That one is just some creative fun.

  3. I only have one. I do have pages on mine where I can sort my random ideas. I spend a lot of time with just one, with two I would never get any work done.


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