Sunday, July 1, 2012

Today... it might be tough

Today is a new day. It's been a long week and there is so much things happening. But those things are not what is going to make today tough...

My son will be 15 this summer. We have been a two-person family since his dad walked out of his life approximately 8 years ago, so we have each other and that is how it's been all these years.

Anyway... this afternoon he leaves for a church mission trip. The kids leave today and won't be home until next weekend. I am excited... he is excited, but what has been in my mind... was said out loud by him...

Last night at dinner, he looked up at me and said "this will be the longest we have been apart". He did have those same thoughts. Until today, we have never been apart more than 1 or 2 nights. This is going to be so much more. I know he will be in safe hands and he will be having a good time... it's just that initial shock of having my buddy and companion gone for a whole week.

I am prepared (kinda), but I am still a mom.


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