Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I just SOO do not fit in!

I am sitting here, just listening. I truly do not fit in!

I am kind of a hermit... well... yea... kinda.

I don't go out much, as I have little or no money for entertainment. My money goes to my son and my bills.

I don't seem to be as up on the social scene as all the others at work, but it guess it's because I have different priorities.

Sometimes having different priorities make us the odd man out, but I have a great son who I love. I trust him and he hasn't betrayed me. I have a few good friends, whom I love dearly, with all my heart. I don't have a boyfriend because the right one hasn't come around... and I am really not in a hurry right now.. I have a job, I work more than one job, I go to school.

Yes, I guess you can say that my priorities are different from those who travel (and have the money to do so) or those who go on dates, but I am happy with my decisions, although slightly frustrated some days.

I don't understand why everyone feels they need to try smoking pot either? That's another thing. I don't have any desire, never have tried it, or wanted to. When I say I don't believe in it, they look at me like I am lying. Yeah, okay, whatever... guess it's because I was raised in a household of a different generation. This is another issue that seems off.

Why can't people appreciate my own decisions?
Why do I have to be and act like everyone else?
If they don't like me now, they sure as hell won't like me then!

I guess, in a nutshell... I just don't fit in... and from my gut feelings... I probably never will!



  1. I think you sound perfect like someone I would like to hang out with :)

  2. I think our differences are what make the world go 'round..... I don't fit in, either, but I guess it's because I just don't have much in common with my peers nowadays. It's weird for me, because I have way different priorities than younger folks, and childless people, but way different interests than a lot of people my age. But if they accept me for who I am, I do the same.

    I like hanging out with you, too!

  3. I guess I appreciate my differences, but I don't fit in with how others live. I have learned to live with it.


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