Friday, July 6, 2012

It is FINALLY Friday...

Well, it has definitely been a long week.

My son left on Sunday for a Mission Trip with 14 other kids... and three adults... in 3 cars.... driving 2.5 hours... in 90-degree weather.

From what I am hearing... the kids are kinda cranky because the heat is hot and there is no breeze.

He comes home tonight and I am happy. I have totally missed him.

This week has gone so slow.

Mentally I am burnt out... physically... I am too....



  1. friday will forever be my favorite day of the week!!!

  2. I know you're happy to have your son back home! Mine don't come home till the end of the month, and then I have almost one more month with my oldest, since he'll be going to college.

    Hope y'all are having lots of fun getting caught up!


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