Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Ok, laying here watching TV.

I hear a strange noise... no clue... not familiar... but very strange... I turn around and see our old lady (she's almost 11), sitting on her fleece blanket, with her long legs stretched, as she was chewing on her toe nails. CHEWING ON HER TOE NAILS?!?!?!


But them again, she is the "dainty" 5# horse that tears through the house, draws blood from her brothers, thinks she needs to eat every three hours, and suffers with allergies along side me.

Anyway... chewing her nails? Not sure if it's actually chewing or just cleaning...

One of our kittens chew on his. Literally, he lays there and chews them off... in my bed... you can hear the crunching.

Okay, so what is up with cats????

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  1. My big guy chews his toe nails, too. I think he's removing trapped litter and crap from under them. I say I think because I've never gotten close enough to check!


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