Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blog Dare - December 2011 - 12.21.11

Wednesday  December 21, 2011 
"Why I wait until the last minute to buy gifts..."
I always do. I never know what to buy anyone... and I am usually so busy that it's not high on what needs to be done. I do better as a "power shopper" than a regular shopper. Needless to say I worked retail in the mall for 4 years... I cringe at the thought of going to the mall, especially at the Christmas season. I do get my shopping done... just not the same as everyone else...


  1. I HATE shopping at the mall. I ran in for a quick--ha ha--gift, and stood in line for over an hour. One of the reason I love internet shopping.

  2. I went yesterday morning, as I was off work. Most people were probably working, so I did pretty good. The only chaos seemed to be the grocery store, but I didn't intend to step foot in there anywhere near 5pm.... I don't have to buy tons of gifts, so I don't do much online... can't quite get the hang of shopping over the internet.


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