Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am an animal lover...

I opened my email server this morning and one of the headlines was that a cat was euthanized since the owner couldn't pay the bill to have him treated.

That type of story sets my heart and mind into a spin. I cannot believe that we let that happen. I also get teary-eyed when I see the ASPCA commercials. (oh yea, gotta turn them off, can't watch, too sad... would adopt them all!)

I would (if I could) be one of those nut-case old ladies who live with dozens of animals and treat them as my children.

If people can't take care of their animals, abuse and neglect are not the way to do it. Animals are just as much of a responsibility as kids.

You have them - they are yours - you are responsible.

(okay, thank you for listening to my morning vent... it's just that this news story really ruffled my feathers!)


  1. I totally agree! Our cats are our kids. I felt guilty because we had to euthanize our oldest one last summer because the vet said there was nothing that would fix him and he was in pain. I just can't understand how anyone can abuse a pet who is truly faithful, innocent and trusting.

    We adopted our black cat in October '09, but couldn't take her home until after November 1 because there are people who adopt black cats for "decoration" and just release them into the streets after Halloween or worse, people who adopt them at Halloween to abuse them as part of their "celebration." It's just sick.

    Needless to say, we had NO problem waiting to take Carla home. It makes me sad that they have to have that policy at our local shelter, but glad they do!

  2. Thanks for stopping. I love your blog "behind orange eyes". Cats are awesome creatures. I know, we ran into the same general situation where they needed to be sure we weren't going to give them as a gift or whatnot. It's sad that they have to do that, especially since too many people do treat animals as throw-away decoration...

  3. Oh those ASPCA commercials are heart-wrenching! I'm totally an animal lover and treat them like my babies. You sound like a very busy person! I'm a new follower--your blog sounds interesting. From the blog hop.

  4. I read that story too, but it was a mixup at the shelter, not the owner putting the animal down because he couldn't pay. The owner was heartbroken and the shelter was in damage control mode after people found out they euthanized the cat without telling the owner. A sad situation all around.


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