Monday, September 24, 2012

Need to Admit it to myself

I have had so many things going on lately, that I just don't know which way my world is spinning.

I finally had to suck it up and tell my teacher that I cannot honestly apply myself to the class I am currently taking. I have been so out of it and now the anxiety I feel by being behind is killing me.

I understand that I will need to pay to retake this class, but the anxiety will push me further down the road of sickness if I don't face the reality. Honest, I didn't want to do it, but I had to make that decision.

I hate having to make these decisions, but this one was for my own sanity.



  1. So sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. Sometimes making the tough decisions we dread will make all of the difference in our lives and cut down on stress.

  2. I slept better last night and feel better today. I hate having to make decision like this, but it had to be done... at least this one time... for my own sanity.


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