Thursday, August 5, 2010

Easy California Spring Rolls

Crab (real or imitation)
Leaf Lettuce
Carrot matchsticks
Julienne Cucumbers
Avocado slices (optional)
Rice Paper Wrappers

First, for the wrappers, I have found two types. You need to check the ingredients to tell the difference. One is made primarily from a tapioca (which is typically sweeter, with a definite flavor) and the other is rice (these are thinner, more flexible, with little or no taste). From experience, I prefer the ones of mainly rice. (although they are slightly more expensive).

Wet the paper, as instructed (it will absorb water and get more flexible). These wrappers will get sticky, so making them on a plastic cutting board is suggested.

Layer the ingredients in the lower third, leaving room on the ends to wrap and tuck.

I usually lay a few baby spinach leaves and some spring greens. Head lettuce holds water and may be too bulky - leaf lettuce works well.

I then put down some crab, either a stick, or you can shred it up and lay it down.

Last, I pile on the veggies, laying them over the crab.

Roll carefully from the end, until it is rolled once and then tuck in the ends and roll the rest.

Ready to eat.

If you are going to put them in a dish for later, wrap each in a slightly damp paper town to keep them from sticking together.

Ready to go.

I either use a sweet chili sauce or Japanese spicy mayo to dip these in.

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