Friday, December 21, 2012

My life... in a nutshell

My son's school had a shooting threat after the incident in Connecticut. I am a strong mom and feel the school is safe, but I couldn't help but wonder, in the back of my mind, why?

I did keep him home today, between the cold, the snow storm, and the nagging in the back of my head, just to feel safe with myself.

We got hit with a heavy winter storm yesterday and we are digging out. It isn't as bad as it could be, but it's still s surprise when you have even a few inches of wet, water-logged snow, to shovel before it freezes into glaciers.

But Monday is Christmas Eve, Tuesday is Christmas, and between the weather and work, my shopping has not gotten done... and right now, I really don't care... I don't really exchange gifts... they are just for my mom and son... and close friends... I think they will understand... but then again...

Anyway, I just wanted to drop everyone a quick note and let you know I am still here and all is well. Been busy with life, but haven't we all?

Until later... have a great day...


  1. That must have been so frightening!

    I still haven't celebrated Christmas, so I had a bit of extra time to get stuff together. I will be traveling to my Mom's place out of state this coming weekend, and we will do Christmas then :)

    Hope you had a great holiday! I'm just here to get caught up.

  2. Survived the holidays, but so glad they are over. Now my son was home sick last week. Got the cold and cough on the Sunday before New Years... and so he was in bed and medicated. Let's try to start over next week....


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