Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cargo Pants - Human Chipmunk

My son loves in cargo pants. It has become evident as to why...

The school year is ending and he needs to empty his locker. I would, as a parent, assume the backpack would be a great place, but I am wrong... AGAIN! What else would you use the cargo pants pockets for??

Last night he was at the orthodontist and his cell phone rang. He couldn't find it, although we could clearly hear one of his pockets ringing. Instead, as he dug, we found: magnets (from his locker), his glasses (in their case), his retainer container, several pens and pencils, etc etc etc. Those pockets remind me of Mary Poppins and her magic carpet bag.

Maybe I can quite carrying my purse if I switch to cargo pants??!!

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