Saturday, March 3, 2012

Random Saturday

Today is Saturday... again.
Last night, or yesterday, we got snow... yes, snow... in March... in Wisconsin... SURPRISE!
Anyway, I cleaned off the car this morning and my son was going to shovel - he gets paid for it.
I really think we need to definite the word "shovel"... such as... more than a path from the door to the driveway, more than a path down the porch steps, more than TO the driveway and then out to the sidewalk... skipping the WHOLE driveway in between. Yes, he shoveled the path on the sidewalk, walked across the snow-covered driveway, and shoveled a path on the sidewalk. What part of this just seems WRONG?
So, guess who SHOVELED the DRIVEWAY, and DIDN'T get paid?
Can ya guess? You know who it was? Any clue...
Yup, sure as hell wasn't him!

1 comment:

  1. Ha Ha Ha...I'm so glad I don't ever have to worry about shoveling snow again. Living in Florida has it's advantages!!! :)


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