Monday, May 24, 2010

It's 90 outrside... and 78 in our house!!!

Okay, I am so glad summer is coming, but there is a reason that we live in a house with central air. I am at work all day, which can range anywhere from having the heat on in the morning to having my fan on in the afternoon. I like warm weather, but I hate being hot. If I had to choose, I would prefer to be too cold, so I can dress in 20 layers if I need to. When I am too warm, I am miserable... and you can only strip off so many layers before you find yourself in an awkward predicament! Oh, beside being too warm... and miserable.... I will be sure that those around me will be miserable too! I have always been taught to share the wealth!! hehe!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand... my mom and the house. I understand that she is old... and "always cold" but there has to be a common ground.

Today we hit at least 90 outside. I came home tonight after job #2 and my car said it was 68 outside. 68 sounds comfy to me... especially after you walk into our house... and the thermometer reads 77. Yeah... not! The air is on, yes, but only to cool to 77. What are we thinking?????? Mom is in bed, under a comforter and the windows are closed. I am sitting here half-naked, trying to adapt to life in a sauna. We are not in "dry heat" country - we are in the mid-west for crying out loud! Heat is hot and cold is cold. Deal with in. If you're cold, put more clothes on. Just don't make me sweat with the oldies in a house like a sauna!

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