Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Listicles 02.06.12

10 passions...

1. My son - he is the light of my life and keeps me going some most days.

2. My friends - Princess Coco is a nut case, but I love her. She makes me laugh, even when things are just totally stupid. BB is the other one. She has put up with my for more years than we either care to admit. She makes me think and keeps me honest.

3. Taking a nap - I am always on the go. Please, just a little nap?

4. Shoes - a woman needs her shoes... yes, even 12 pairs of the same shoes, but they are different colors!

5. Wine - I am a learning wine novice. It is exciting and pleasantly addicting...
6. Blogging - it seems like my mind never stops, so being able to blog helps me de-stress.

7. Sushi - can food be a passion? Every so often, I get the craving for the asiana rolls or other rolls. I'm not sure if it's the spicy mustard, the seafood, or the sauce that I dip it in... hmmmmm

8. My pets - I miss my puppy dogs. They were the loves of my life. But now I have sassy cats (are there any other kind?). One of the youngest is my "lover". He lays across me at night and snuggles and purrs. He helps me stop and relax.

9. Writing - I have always been one who enjoys writing, but there are times when I just don't take the time, or make the time, to do it.

10. Thunder storms, lightening and rain - the sounds of a summer rain and gentle storm relaxes me and makes me feel comfy. I enjoy listening to the sounds and seeing the lightning fill the sky. I love it.


  1. Ahhh napping. Nothing like a great nap.

  2. #10, perfect! And napping... You hit the spot Tere!

  3. This might be my favorite list I've read! Writing, storms, pups and sassy cats, shoes,'ve got your priorities in order, girl!

  4. Thunderstorms..that was a great one. And sushi with wine...Those are wonderful too.

  5. Ah awesome list! Thunderstorms are amazing!


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