Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rockstar Moms, from Theta Mom

I found this post at Theta Mom's site and I totally love it.
Here it the link to the site, along with the post...Theta Mom Rockstar Moms

Rockstar Moms

You know the kind. We come into contact with these moms every single day and it’s the very moms we want to raise our glasses to. Some of these moms are complete strangers we pass in the grocery aisle or wait on line with at Target; we stand beside these moms at school drop-off, on the ball field and throughout our neighborhoods.
Rockstar Moms are everywhere.
My official definition of a Rockstar Mom:  “Any mom who is doing the best job she can, making tons of sacrifices along the way amidst the curve balls that life continues to throw her way.”
The working mom who is juggling multiple jobs to ensure there is food on the table each night.
The single mom who is serving as “both” parents to her children.
The divorced mom who is making the best of the cards she’s been dealt.
The mom who keeps the ship at home afloat as her husband fights for this country overseas.
The special needs mom who continues to be an advocate for her children.
The mom who wants to find nothing more than a quality and affordable education for her children.
The mom who prays for her sick child every night, hoping that there will be a cure so she’ll have the opportunity to watch her baby grow.
The stay-at-home mom who continues to make sacrifices.
The allergy mom who will never give up hope.
The working mom who is seeking to find balance in her life.
The mom who went back to school to earn a degree to fulfill a lifelong dream.
The mom who seeks to find peace.
The mom who empathizes with another mom and lends her hand of support.
The mom who continues to dream big for herself and her children.
The mom who blogs and finds comfort in the online community of women who “get her.”
And to the mom who recently sent her child in with a Valentine’s Day card and piece of candy for my son at school who took a moment to write on his card, “Peanut Free” with a little smiley face – THANK YOU. You are a total Rockstar Mom.
Motherhood is not easy and I want to take a moment to remind you that YOU are doing an amazing job. We are in this thing together, deep in the trenches of motherhood.
So the next time you see another mom while standing in line at the grocery store or waiting in the pediatrician’s office, be sure to give her a smile of encouragement. That nod of acceptance may be just what she needs, a small reminder that she’s a Rockstar Mom – simply doing the best damn job that she can.

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  1. LOVE this post. And Kudos to the Rockstar Mom who sent the peanut free candy to school for your son. *That* is total rockstar and so are YOU! :)


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