Sunday, February 19, 2012


I know this might be random and I know that, while growing up, I was taught that the three things you don't discuss are: money, politics, and religion...

Okay, this isn't really talking ABOUT religion, but a random venting thought on my mind.

My son has been baptized and confirmed in our church. My dad never attended church except for my Christmas Pageants. My mom, on the other hand, made me go every Sunday. I had to literally be dead to stay home... but that is another topic.

Anyway, my son comes with me to church and doesn't mind it. I don't have to fight him to get dressed, I don't have to argue with him to get going. He is involved in some areas, such as sunday school, watching younger children, helping with the sound system, so it's not like this is going to kill him.

So many parents of the church have kids and they do not come to church. So many do, but the kids are drawing or playing on their ipods (why are those in church?)

I mentioned that my son comes to church and a council member replied with "but he doesn't sit IN church". Okay, what the hell is up with that? He is sitting out in the fellowship area, right outside the sanctuary, because I am out doing my duties. He doesn't want to sit alone in church, as neither did I when I was younger. We wanted to sit out by me. He listened to the service, was not on his phone and was not playing with his ipod. He was in the walls of our church and could hear the sermon. We have other members who don't sit IN church. Why is he different? At least he is there, on his own free will... no, I did not have to hog tie him and strap him to the roof of my car to get him there.

I just had to vent. My son does a lot with church and loves to be a part of it, and loves our pastor, so as long as he is willing to be there, I am happy.

Thank you for listening. The statement that was made just kinda hit me wrong and has been on my mind. Needed to vent. Thank you for listening.

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