Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mini Van Mom

I participated in the Listicles yesterday and it is AMAZING how many of you commented on my "I will never drive a MiniVan".

Okay, so, it's not that I am too cool for minivans... trust me - that is NOT it. I am NOT graceful, cool, hip, or any of those words the kids DON'T use to describe their moms.

I grew up with a dad who drove a station wagon... the biggest one you could buy. Looked like a cross between a Sherman Tank and a Mack Truck! The man was only 5'4" or so. He could barely see over the steering wheel and reach the pedals, let alone see over the end of the hood!

I swore I would never be one of those parents. When I was pregnant, my brother would tease me because I drove a Mazda MX-3 hatchback. He would laugh and say "yep, that's a family car!" Okay, so I did progress to 4-four cars... but only for a while. I am back to my little sporty car.

I have seen my son drive on video games and I know how we rides an electric scooter... he is SOOOO not getting his drivers license until he's at least 30, at this rate...

I am far from being too cool for a minivan, but I don't want to have any excuse to be the one to haul everything and everyone around when they need a big vehicle. You can only put so much and so many into a Scion!!!!!!!

See, I have thought about this....


  1. I drove a pickup, now I drive a granny car, a four door midsize with a big trunk. I think the worst part of having a mini van is that somehow you become the chauffeur. Have a good day.

  2. The thing I said I'd never do that I do now is I said I'd never drive a car that even came in a 4-door option. Now, after 25 years as a bright red Camaro driver, I have a 4-door Buick. The walker doesn't really fit in the Camaro. Things change. It's still a red car. :)

  3. I never wanted one either but sometimes when I am shoving the stroller in the trunk I long for one.

  4. It's funny how many of us resist the minivan. I still have a sedan, but it has so little trunk space that sometimes I secretly covet my neighbor's van... don't tell. Then again, I like your point about not having to be the carpool mom!

  5. I had to trade in my beloved BMW for a Honda minivan and although it was a reeeeeally difficult transition, holy shit, once I realized how much EASIER and kid-friendly the whole minivan thing was, I could not believe it. (-:
    Thanks for linking up with us today at Blog Bash. (-:

  6. I drove a Mazda RX8 when I was pregnant the first time. I actually had delusions I could keep the car after the baby was born. Only when we tried to put a car seat in there with the 'suicide' doors, did we realize it would be impossible. Sigh.

  7. I'm with you. I will never drive a mini-van. I have an SUV now and that's how it will stay for the foreseeable future. When the kids don't need to be chauffeured around anymore I want a VW Beetle or a Mini!!! :)

  8. i have an suv and i had to be convinced to buy that for ease of car seat and storage. i still find myself wishing that car seats could safely be installed in a jeep wrangler!


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