Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ok, random vent

PICTURE THIS....    Kitchen countertop, right next to the sink, dishcloth on the faucet, small garbage container at the back of the counter.

I just walked out to get a leisurely glass of sauv blanc and there are crumbs all over the counter!

This is not my first experience with shouting "how flipping hard is it to wipe the crumbs off the counter, into the sink?!"

The two of them then look at me in a speechless deer-in-the-headlights "I don't understand" response!

OMG! I'm too obsessive to leave the mess and they're too lazy to clean it up! WOW!?


  1. Aaargh! I vent this several times a day! Not so bad with WonderMan working away but we move up north in a week and i KNOW I will shout this at least ten times in the first few days after we move.

    Also "How hard is it to HANG UP YOUR DAMN TOWEL??" instead of hanging it on the end of the bed leaving a damp musty patch on my mattress!

    And "The clothes basket is RIGHT THERE! How hard is it to put the clothes IN IT instead of NEXT TO IT. It's not like it has a lid you have to lift or anything!!??"

  2. So glad I am not alone. I felt the same way when I was married. Yeah, the dirty laundry always went NEXT TO the hamper, not in it. The coffee cup seemed to always get left in the bathroom. The bathroom light never got turned off. It was like having another child. Go figure... guess that's why I'm divorced!!!!


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