Friday, January 20, 2012

Today it's snowing

The second real snow of the winter season.

People drive like idiots and you would think they have never seen snow. They see it all the time. People seem to suddenly lose all track of reality when the it snows. They seem to do the same thing when it rains.

What the hell? I drove home in it. My boss tried to get everyone to leave early, so they wouldn't have to drive in the snow.

HELLO???? We have all lived here for years... We know what snow is. We are old enough to have driven in it for more years than we want to admit... Okay, whatever!

This just kinda drove me nuts today... sure, leave early to avoid the stupid snow-drivers and then be behind on Monday when I start the week. No one else seems to care... because I feel like I am the only one who is actually doing any work during the day! So, technically, I would be the only one who will start out behind.

Yes, it's been a long week, and a stressful week, and the snow and whining only put the icing on the cake!!!!


  1. Found you on the Blog hop! Following you now!
    Thanks!Found you on the Blog hop! Following you now!

  2. I am pleased to tell you that Two Tiny Tyrants has awarded you with the "Versatile Blogger Award"! Please drop by for more info:



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