Thursday, January 12, 2012

Too early, my brain hurts!

I tried to get on track and leave work last night, leaving myself a list of things "to do" today when I came in.

OK - OVERLOAD!!!! I am (literally) swimming in my brain. I suddenly have no idea where to start or which way to go. I have a list, yes, that is true, but from that point on, I am staring at those words on the page like they are written in alien.

Guess that making a list doesn't work. Neither does leaving things out on my desk. I walk in and have a heart murmur... I can't stand it. I am such a nutcase it's not funny!


  1. When there are so many things to do it is hard to know where to start. Sometimes, I put a real easy project at the top of the list, finishing that energizes me to go on to the nest thing. I always loved coming into a clean desk--I made files for my to-dos, and put them out of sight, so I would pull out one chore at a time. You will find your rhythm.

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