Monday, October 24, 2011

Mama Kat's Prompts... 22 Things I HAVE Done...

1. Held a Burmese Python
2. Held an alligator

3. Rode a roller coaster

4. Ate escargot

5. Ate sushi

6. Touched a stingray

7. Earned a black belt in taekwondo

8. Gave birth

9. Made homemade candles

10. Made homemade soap

11. Flown on an airplane

12. Went to see bull-riding

13. Owned hermit crabs

14. Fell down the stairs

15. Fell UP the stairs

16. Earned by college degree

17. Got a tattoo

18. Pierced by belly button

19. Been in a coma

20. Been to a Kenny Chesney Concert

21. Broken a bone while break-dancing

22. Been jealous

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