Tuesday, October 18, 2011

22 things I have never done…

Okay, so I am almost 42... which makes some of these seem really off the wall, but hey... that's just me...
1. Been to Disney (either one)
2. Hosted a dinner party
3. Bought an expensive bottle of Champagne
4. Owned a hamster
5. Rode in a helicopter
6. Been to New York
7. Been out of the country
8. Held a python… oh wait, yes I have…
9. Broke an arm or leg
10. Had any organs surgically-removed
11. Learned how to hard-boil eggs
12. Fell in love with a high-school sweetheart
13. Went to my high school prom
14. Bought an expensive party dress
15. Been through a haunted house
16. Gone down a huge waterslide
17. Been to Texas
18. Taken more than 15 minutes for myself, at any time
19. Sang karaoke
20. Been to Vegas
21. Been on a cruise
22. Been on a romantic getaway

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