Monday, October 24, 2011

54th Edition of Meet Me on Monday


1.  My favorite kind of animal is _______?
My kitty cats... but then again, my puppy dogs... Can I have more than one??? 

2.  Do you like your handwriting?
I think it's sloppy, but my son thinks it's so neat and he loves it...

3.  What is the last movie you saw?
At the movie theater? Wall-E... does that tell you how often I get out?
4.  Do you buy things on eBay?
Nope, only browsed maybe one or two times... 

5.  What did you have for lunch yesterday?
Uh... nothing that I know of. Came home from church and took a nap.
Next thing I knew, it was dinner - we had chicken...


  1. I don't get to the movies much either, so don't feel bad. Most of the time, they're not worth the money.

  2. You should watch something else as Wall-E was rubbish.
    Have a good week.

  3. Hey! I am hopping over from Meet Me On Monday!
    I took a nap yesterday afternoon too....I love lazy Sunday afternoons...



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