Monday, October 17, 2011

If your pet could talk, what would you want to know?

Well, it depends on the pet… in our house we have fish and cats. I guess that’s a toss up – one sleeps all day curled up in a ball and the other swim endlessly in circles. Now there are opposite ends of the spectrum.

We have three cats… one sleeps constantly and could care less, unless it’s time to eat (and with her, it’s ALWAYS time to eat)… One walks around the house and bitches constantly. If only I knew what his issue was. Why does he always complain? What is the problem? Why can’t he use his “inside” voice? Or does he just talk to hear himself talk? The other one finds that sleeping across my chest, right under my chin, is the best place to sleep, especially with my allergies. He always dislikes me laying on my stomach or on my side. He insists that I lay on my back, otherwise he has nowhere to lay… not like the rest of the king size waterbed is occupied! I don’t understand him, but when he wakes me from a sound sleep by grabbing my shoulder with his claws to pull me over, I really get the picture… and he still has claws… so I roll over!! And then he lays there and stares at me. What’s up with that?

And then there are the fish… don’t they get tired constantly swimming? Do they ever actually blink? How can ours tell time? They, too, know when it’s time to eat. And then there is our pleco, who is approximately 7 inches from nose to tail and he cruises through the tank like a man-eating shark, just gliding. Does he think he is vicious-looking? Or does he just think (and know) that he is “all that” and more? And where did he learn to swim upside down, on his back, eating fish flakes off the top of the water? Sure as hell not from me!

Animals… if only we knew… but then again… maybe it’s better off that we don’t!!

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